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Pablo Losa Fontangordo (Asturias, Spain, 1993) is graduated in the Technical Architecture School of Madrid (ETSAM). He has worked in several architecture offices in Spain, Japan and India, specialising in render production and architectural design.  He currently combines this activity with an artistic and architectural practice on his own that orbits around Architecture, art and the study and production of images through different techniques such as hand and computational drawing, painting, rendering and photography.

‘‘They say Whistler once stopped in a countryside walk, impressed by the panorama of the landscape. The disciple, noticing he had no paper nor pencil on him, offered his own to the master. Whistler calmly explained [...] he preferred to commit what he saw to memory and paint it later from recollection. [...] To remember you must look ahead, otherwise, you cannot imagine what you see.’’



Since the very beginning of the history of art, the ways of representing reality are constant in many ways: a surface is always present, in the form of a wall, a paper, a screen, a sculpture or a room...And on these surfaces, traces are left with different tools. The piece resulting of it is emptier than it seems.


Every person, depending on their perception, memories and understanding, will project different things into the vessel, which resonate inside the hollow vessel and come back as new impressions.


That’s why I tend to work in different surfaces, with different tools, scales, with shapes, figures, notions and colours, striving to activate memories in the audience.


When a work is refreshing or innovative it is paradoxally called original, yet something original means close to the origin. Art makes remembering the past come close to glimpsing the future.

Pablo Losa Fontangordo


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