what     Art installation competition

where   Woodbine Beach, Toronto, Canada

when     February - March 2020

with       Cristina Vega García, produced by Anex Works

EN |

Mirage has been designed to react to the movements of the sun and the people. Depending on where the visitors are positioned, they will see either a red transparent sun setting or a light and bright rising sun laying on the horizon. As they walk closer, they will discover the thin structure that renders these two simultaneous realities.

ES |

Mirage es una pieza que reacciona a los movimientos del sol y de la gente. Dependiendo de la posición en la que se encuentren los visitantes, verán una puesta de sol roja y transparente o un sol naciente amarillo brillante, posado en el horizonte. A medida que se acerquen, descubrirán la delgada estructura que hace posibles estas realidades simultáneas.

Toronto Winterstations 

competition winners!

floor plan

Mirage sequence

South West elevation (image for competition)

South East elevation (image for competition)

Mirage elevations

pattern of folded mesh 

construction drawings of the fabric 

egyptian view of Mirage

 project designed with Cristina Vega 

Pablo Losa Fontangordo


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