1.Panorama or canvas of great size with diferent pictures painted in both of its sides, where, through light games, different images are produced and there is a movement sensation.

2. Place where this spectacle is installed.

Now dioramas have more meanings and can be built in many other ways, but the duality of it’s condition
persists : an ‘‘image’’ and the ‘‘place’’ that houses it.
I selected 5 images with different formats and
messages from the XXth century:

In order to bestow depth to these flat images, several perspective mechanisms will be employed: single vanishing point, 2 vanishing points, non aligned vanishing points, or an overlapping of several planes. On this transition from the flat to the spacial, unexpected forms emerge to make tridimensionality possible. Those new forms give shape to the receptacle of the image, creating complex anamorphic objects.

main elevation of the diorama

model picture in La Guindalera, Madrid 2017

model drawing

folded out pattern

Pablo Losa Fontangordo


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